So, remember when I first told you about Mr. Vanilla? My life was pretty different then. I had just had a miserable breakup with Michael. I was still in a relationship with Jay. And he seemed so simple to me. I wasn’t really fair in the way I described him. The “vanilla” moniker was only a piece of what made my description incomplete.

During this past year, Mr. Vanilla and I were married. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Furthermore, he has been joining me in participating in the kink community. Best decision he ever made? Well, he might not go that far. But the “vanilla” moniker is becoming more ironic with every scene, play party, and demo. Did I tell you that he took Mr. Vanilla as his scene name? Well, he did. And it is a great conversation point every time.

Now, that isn’t to say that he has become a totally kinky motherfucker. In fact, he has been self-identifying as a service top. Since I’m not much of a shrinking violet submissive, that works just fine for me.

His capacity to surprise me every day is the reason I married him and there hasn’t been a dull day since.